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Bespoke Tibetan Carpets specializes in making made to order Tibetan carpets.

Whether it is a simple change in size or color, or a more detailed change such as modifying an existing design or creating a new design, Bespoke Tibetan Carpets can make the process much easier than you may have imagined.


 Our capability lies in our generational experience in the production of hand-knotted Tibetan carpets. We understand how to realize client's vision and expectation, communicate limitations of the craft and offer solutions.

A custom hand-knotted rug offers a customer the most choices when compared to any other type of floor covering. The possibilities are endless and the options can be broadly divided into three categories.

SIZE - Single piece can be specified upto 20ft wide and 40ft long. Separately woven pieces can also be attached together by joining the foundation and reapplying the knots to create seamless finish.

Any specified shape can be achieved. Carpets can be made to exact size and shape as per template or design.  



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