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Bespoke Tibetan Carpets with Tibet House US is delighted to announce
WOVEN DREAMS:  A Tibetan Rug Art Competition

Submissions closed: Shortlisted Artworks under Judges review

IMG_0581 2.HEIC

         The primary goal of Woven Dreams is to celebrate and promote the rich heritage of Tibetan rug artistry while fostering creativity and innovation within the global Tibetan artistic community.

         Through this competition, we aim to showcase the beauty and cultural significance of Tibetan rug design, encouraging Tibetan artists to engage with and draw inspiration from their tradition. 

         Our objective is to attract a diverse range of talented artists, from emerging talents to established professionals, and provide them with a platform to exhibit their unique interpretations of Tibetan rug art and appreciation for this exceptional form of artistic expression.

We seek the most imaginative and unique expression of artistic brilliance.

Total Prize: $20,000
  • First place: $10,000

  • 2 runners-up: $5,000 each

Selection Process

  • ​A panel of judges comprising of leading experts will select the winners.

  • The winning artwork will be made into 9'x12' full size rugs.

  • The rugs will be revealed at a celebration event at Tibet House US.

The Jury

  • ​Ryan Higgins - Owner, Tamarian

  • Maurizio Battilossi - CEO, BATTILOSSI

  • ​Lucy Upward - Editor, Cover Magazine

  • Haynes Robinson - Principal, Sahar Carpets

  • Ganden Thurman - Director, Tibet House US

  • Erika Kurtz - COO, New Moon Rugs

  • Cey Adams - Visual Artist

  • Ana Cunningham & Ali McMurter - Owners, Creative Matters Inc.

Celebration Event

Event Date and Location:

  • Date: 14th September 2024, 6pm

  • Location: Tibet House US

    • ​22 W 15th New York, NY 10011


Event Highlights:​

  • Event will be a celebration of Tibetan culture and rug making tradition.

  • Music and cultural performance by leading Tibetan artists.

  • Unveiling of the winning designs.

  • Tibetan food and drinks will be served.

Submission Guidelines
Submission Link:


  • Contestants will submit a contemporary design

  • Artists will have full creative freedom on how to express their design, patterns and colors

  • A brief description about their inspirations, design, and anything else the artist wishes to share.


  • A High-resolution image (minimum 300 DPI)

  • Artist advised to create art with a size 9'x12' rug in mind

  • Hand drawn sketch/painting or digital rendering

  • Design must be in full color

  • TIFFS or PSD preferred (JPEGS accepted)


  • Designs must be submitted before 12pm EST, 15th Feb 2024


The competition is open to individuals of Tibetan or Nepalese origin,

as well as to individuals with an appreciation for Tibetan art based  in North America.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older

*See terms and conditions in the submission page. 

Submit to enter the competition and win!

Additional inquiries:

Tenzin Norden:


At Bespoke Tibetan Carpets,

we strive to create the most

unique and desirable hand-knotted carpets

by crafting each piece to our clients’ highest standards

Tibet House US is dedicated to preserving Tibet’s unique culture at a time when it is confronted with extinction on its own soil. By presenting Tibetan civilization and its profound wisdom, beauty, and special art of freedom to the people of the world, we hope to inspire others to join the effort to protect and save it.

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